Rent a limo rates for Trieste, Goriza & Udine

The possibility
of renting
1 h = 180,00 €
2 h = 220,00 €
3 h = 260,00 €
Limuzina Lincoln

We have prepared a superior service at a very competitive price. Price depends on the length of the lease. The price includes all services and entertainment without hidden costs. For the final price and booking call us at our phone number or fill out our booking form.

The price of renting a limo is also included:

  • sparkling, juice, spirits, water and other drinks from the bar,
  • professional chauffeur.

* Prices valid for the city of Trieste and Udine .
** Time is reserved at the preceding remittance of advance payment on our bank account (SI56 6100 0000 8208 487) opened in Delavska hranilnica branch Žalec.
*** Additional time is charged at 80 eur
**** Renting limousine is not limited by mileage. Drive ends where it started.

Additional drink offer

Coca-cola 0.33l 2 €
Heineken 0.33l 2 €
Srebrna rad. penina 0,7l 20 €
Jack Daniel’s 0,7l 35 €
Smirnoff vodka 0,7l 25 €
Jagermeister 0,7l 25 €

When you rent a limousine we take care of you with a full mini-bar, which includes champagne, three types of spirits (total volume of 1 liter), juice, and water.

At any desire to facilities, is also available for you a mini-fridge that contains; Coca-Cola 0,33 Heineken 0.33, Silver champagne 0,7l, Jack Daniel’s 0,7l , Jägermeister 0,7l and Smirnoff Vodka 0,7l